POLIKONT is an integrated system for managing the company's activities. It automates the work in the area of accountancy, warehouse activity, sales, human capital management and payroll system. The product was created in 1994. Since 1998 for its base we use SQL server (Interbase, and since 2004 Firebird). That significantly facilitates integration of data and gives new possibilities to multiuser work.

To use POLIKONT you need to have operating system Windows 9x/2kx/NT/Me/XP. It can also work with the operating system Linux installed on your server if using the net analogue of POLIKONT.

The package consists of modules and supplements. Modules unite the basic functions that are needed to work in a desired direction. Supplements are additional functional possibilities of a module that cover the specific needs of our clients.

Modules: Sheduling, Resource planning, Accountancy, Warehouses, Invoicing, Customer relationship management, Personnel, Payroll, Pay sheet documents, Civil contracts.

Supplements: Currency, Staff schedule, Employees of state, Corrections, NOI assured people data, NOI notices, Banks, Statistics, Time quota, Cost centers, Daily of operator's activity.

POLIKONT is an unified product. Every client receives the whole system but uses only the part he needs to. It would not be necessary to apply any changes to data if you buy new modules or supplements. The system can work on a single computer, network or through the Internet. The product could be used to manage different companies at the same time.

Our clients get a full back up and consultations either for the way POLIKONT works or the various applicable areas of accountancy, lasting assets, currency, VAT, payroll, labour costs etc. Consultations are given on the phone. Along with this we keep on developing the product and create a new actualization every month. Actualizations improve some algorithms, user's interface and apply to the changes of legislation. They are accompanied by an electronic newspaper called POLIKONT NEWS.

POLIKONT is successful in different companies and organizations.

  • State administration : Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chief Prosecutor's Office, county and regional courts and prosecutor's offices, municipalities etc.

  • Industry : Ideal standart - Sevlievo, Elmot and Momina krepost - Veliko Tyrnovo, Trakia papir - Pazardzhik, Fabrika za hartia AD Stamboliiski, P. Karaminchev - Rousse, Rilski len - Samokov, Serres glass - Novi Pazar, ViK Gabrovo, ViK Lovech etc.

  • Accountancy offices

  • Trade companies

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